I believe I’m a rare island girl breed. My dad is Dominican, my mom is Cuban and I’m 100% proud Puerto Rican. On top of that, my hubby and I have gotten the chance to raise my two children in Tampa, FL. #CaribeñosEnLaFlorida

I believe I’m a rare island girl breed. My dad is Dominican, my mom is Cuban and I’m 100% proud Puerto Rican. On top of that, my hubby and I have gotten the chance to raise my two children in Tampa, FL. #CaribeñosEnLaFlorida

Let’s just say you have a dream and it’s something that it won’t let you do other things than focus on planning, structuring, building, executing your most deepest desire, your biggest dream.

I started dreaming the day I was born. I always dreamt for something extraordinary. At early start, I wanted to be a singer and a dancer, I just felt in love with art. Then time went by and I remember changing drastically into human and then social science. My mind wanted to explore all the goodies culture had.

Looking back I can see how through that process, one of the biggest values my family ever poured upon my soul came very alive. This value I have such great admiration and love for is called fatih. So faith took (and continues to take) a huge part in my everyday decisions, even though life gets in the way, I believe in Jesus with all my heart.

So back on track, what began as my undergrad studies at the University of Puerto Rico in Political Science took an unseen turn when for some reason I decided to continue my studies in the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. There I completed my second year in Political Science and decided it was not what gave me the ultimate sense of satisfaction. And don’t we all search for that? Anyways, I ended up switching my undergrad concentration to Marketing. Then and there I would meet what would become my passion: creating.

Since then, I’ve created from simple graphic arts to animation, from websites, to photography, to videography and have also done plenty of edition and copywriting. A bit of all! This path started almost 10 years ago and I still get to do it today. I guess if you do what you love, you’ll really end up loving what you do!

During that time I also created a blog, a spot that became a place where I could outlet me experiences as a professional, married, mommy, minister and artist — woman. I discovered a deep love and passion for the women empowerment movement and my Blog gave me a platform from where I’ve been able to reach and engage hundreds of women with a message of self love, care and acceptance for more than a decade.

I got married 6 years ago to my love and life partner, David Cruz. Another artist, such a talented and amazing videographer. He’s also a great husband and loving dad! We quickly fell in love. He proposed during a trip to New York and one year later we wen’t back there and got married. ¡Dos boricuas en búsqueda de una aventura! We had such a great time and really enjoy the meaning we gave to such a big city.

Sorry if I just kept going and didn’t properly introduce myself. My name is Carolina but everybody calls me Carol. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico from a Dominican Republic dad and a Cuban mother. I’m the most Caribbean person you’ll ever know! My whole life was in Puerto Rico until October 2017. Right after Huracán María, David and I moved with our two children to Tampa, Florida.

The rest is yet to be written about so stay tuned!

Aa digital and photo artist who specializes in connecting deeply with the vision of brands by capturing their essence in an authentic and relatable way. Enjoys being hable to translate a brands mission into unforgettable experiences.

Client and collaboration list: Casa Bacardí Puerto Rico, GE Appliances, Haier, Vaquería Tres Monjitas, Hellmann's, P.F. Chang's, La Mafia, Puerto Rico, Kroma brand we build, Fundación Ángeles de Amor and Iglesia Bahía Vida. 



Carol and her team learns your business, your competitors, and your goals to create a custom marketing strategy that gets you the results you want.