Wear Love Everywhere You Go

I just died my hair blonde. I've been a brunette since forever, except in high school, then and there I was a blonde too. When I got home last night, my husband and kids were so excited about my new change. My hubby gave me a huge smooshing kiss and my kids hugged while saying: You're the prettiest of them all. 

That welcome home with such a huge celebration made me feel so fortunate, it's a special moment I'll guard forever in my ❤️. I guess 'new hair color, new me' is R E A L. LOL. No, but seriously, I needed that change. 

This morning I woke up at 6 AM and went straight to the shower. Waking up that early on a Sunday is not a regular thing. Yet, I woke up with a new vibe, a new feeling, a new story to write, a new reflection to share. 

After I got out of the bathroom, my kids were already waiting for me. My big boy looked at me and said: "Wow, your new hair is still there." And praise to God, it's still there. 😂 Going from a dark brown to a full light blonde it's a BIG change. Just so you can picture a little bit of the process, I spent 8 straight hours at the salon yesterday. 

The process was marked with passion, love, and patience. Without those values, my hair would be a total mess. All I can say is: My new hairstylist is AMAZING. She gave her all: LO DIO TODO.

On a side note: She's Cuban and that already made me feel closer to home, just because there are cultural roots that unite us. 


So now comes the part where I try to relate a real-life experience to God's presence in my life. I don't want you to feel like this post in 100% superficial because it's not. I'm so far from perfect and so far from where I know God want's me to be. My blonde hair HAS NOT given me a new revelation or whatever... but the effect that had upon my family reminded me of the infinite ways God has to show his love.

My husband and kids were fully dressed in God's love when I got home and greeted me with the perfect attitude, with so many hugs and kisses, with so much recognition. I still feel a lil' bit overwhelmed with how words and actions of love from other can have a fantastic impact whenever we:

  • to take a leap of faith toward change
  • surround ourselves with the right people
  • beleive the impossible is possible

So this morning, I got the chance to wake up earlier than all of them and just dedicate 15 minutes to thank God for giving me such an amazing tribe. I prayed that He will also dressed me in his perfect love so that every word I speak and every action I take is filled with happiness and hope.... so that I can bless others too.

It also reminded me to look closely to those around me. Those that may be carrying a huge weight of pain and are searching for a change of heart and mind. In specific those who feel like there is nothing else to look forward too. Those who might really need all the hugs, kisses, and words of empowerment they can get. Those who have an urgency of a touch of love, infinite non-judgemental love. 

I pray this would be a friendly but powerful reminder of how beneath the hair, makeup and all the cute clothes we must be willing to work on our hearts and above all, dress up with love. Why love? Because love cast out fear and fear is our biggest enemy when it comes to accomplishing our life purpose. 

In conclusion, let’s intentionally dress in LOVE every single day. Let’s go our there and search for those who need a powerful declaration of love and hope. That's what Jesus did, and that's what world changers and dream makers would do.

Happy Sunday, love! 

Carol RuizComment