Life After María

Hello love! It’s been a while.

After the passing of Hurricane María, Puerto Rico has become a whole new different place and with such a striking event, the people have also change. So many have come together to lift the star island spirit through amazing initiatives. Others have fled the island looking for better and more stable opportunities.

Our house flooded by Hurricane María. 

Our house flooded by Hurricane María. 


Twenty seven days later the lives of thousands of puertorricans are still at stake. No potable water, no electricity, no food, disastrous conditions for education and many health risk issues have arise due to the island current conditions.


Because of the struggling effects and frightening consequences my family and I decided to relocate. It’s been a very painful transition, even though the home that has adopted our family welcomed us with opens arms... my heart longs for mi Isla y mi gente.

Photo by Carol Ruiz

Photo by Carol Ruiz

So with María came risks and with risks came change and with change: the reality of our new circumstances. 

We decided to enroll our eight year old in a new school. We couldn't afford for him to loose anymore days of classes and therapies. The new school made my husband and I cried a little in front of the whole administration because “we didn’t have to worry about uniforms, lunch or materiales. They would provide everything he needs.” Love and acceptance made this possible. We’re grateful even though my son’s classmates back in the island are undergoing extremely hard circumstances in order to get the education they need. We’re talking about special ed students. This is heart reckoning. 

School after María.  

School after María.  

Manos a la obra y corazones agradecidos

My husband and I humbly updated our creative portfolios. With a new project in mind, we're also in a job hunt for a stable income, this ride has become and incredible adventure of faith.


We pray day and night for Puerto Rico. We pray for our parents, families, friends and colleagues. We’ve teamed up with a local church that's working on sending supplies to the island very soon. We haven’t forgotten. It’s imposible to forget when I still cry every night.


There’s so much more to say but this is all I can stomach for the moment. I’ll be updating my platforms and I’ll continue to work on building a community of creative women who are willing and able to share their talents and skills for the common good. Needless to say, I will also continue to fight for my family. With God’s favor, I’m confident we’ll thrive along the thousands of puertorricans relocated in the diaspora.

Photo by Carol Ruiz 

Photo by Carol Ruiz 


To finish...

Within our insufficiency exists remarkable potential. But we miss out on what God can do when we focus on what we don’t have and what we aren’t. (Propel)


So this new adventure of faith has become about not focusing on my limitations but on the full potential that is only release by faith, family, love and hope. We believe new opportunities will come.




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