Aim for the Highest

When I was little, I LOVED talking to my future self in the mirror. Who can relate? It may sound weird but it was definitely real and still, the words I spoke have a huge impact in my life. I guess I really believed that little girl. 

I'm grateful for the mom God gave me, not perfect but wow, what a true believer. She always told me that every single thing I could imagine was possible if I worked hard for it. If I was doing a science fair project, she would take it to the next level. If I was writing a Spanish essay, she would push me towards excellence.

The words little me spoke to future me in the mirror were a reflection of the powerful words my mom would always speak to me. "No es lo mismo participar que competir..." she would always say. In other words: if you're going to aim, aim for the highest.


In a way, this reminds me of God's love, mercy, and forgiveness. How this three aspects of God's personality has always given me hope to get up from whatever is pushing me down, and aim higher.

My life didn't go the way I planned it, and I'm sure it didn't go the way my mom had planned it either. It was like, I got on the airplane of adultness aiming north and went straight south. Still, there is something so powerful about the little girl speaking words of greatness in the mirror... that gives me the complete confidence that the plane will make it to its initial destiny.

Hope this short reflection works wonders in your life too. No matter the circumstances, if you're going to look back, look at the small girl who stood in front of the mirror and believed that miracles are possible and that greatness is at the tip of her fingers. 

Carol Ruiz1 Comment