Do. Not. Hold. On


Do not hold on. Let your mind, heart and spirit be free from other people's expectations and from your own expectations too.

Start a brand new day immersed in the mercy each sunrise brings. This morning, before getting out of bed I received a very nasty call from a person I love and admire very very much. This was actually the worst wake-up call ever. My first thoughts were: "I'm going on a rage/revenge mission". I felt my heart out of beat. Those calls, those comments, those expectations from outsiders that could make your heart worry are not your reality.

What's real is that you're a son / daughter of the highest King and he's got your back. What's real is that you can choose to have hope, to forgive, to love even more, choose to be happy and to take care of yourselves by making your body a temple of peace and grace. So let's hold no more to any crazy ass expectations. Let's heal by moving forward.

WellnessCarol Ruiz