A Very Uncommon Temple

I'm the very uncommon temple. All my life I've been taught [by my family, by my school, by my church and by my culture] that temples are actually physical structures made of tangible particles. Like a synagogue or a chapel.

In my stillness, when deep breaths come and go and I relax every muscle of my body, connecting all my living cells and organs I become aware that a temple is not a place, but a person. I'm my very own temple.... and so are you.

We are all uncommon temples and we are all design within diversity, with specific structures [purpose, gifts and talents]. Those structures become our fruits when we choose to believe that we are a holy place, a sanctuary and the house of the living God.

Becoming aware of my capacity of influence on other people's life has propelled me to move into freedom, learning a very important principle: trust in the power of love, peace and grace your (and my) temple (body) needs in order to adapt and thrive through in any dilemma life brings upon us.

So today it's all about being present. Focusing on breathing and living today by manifesting all your amazing fruits. Today is the day you put in practice who you really are: A Living Temple.

Self Love, WellnessCarol Ruiz