You Are Enough


Even though I started 2016 feeling blue, the changing seasons have come to remind me that everything is temporary and that circumstances don't define my present. No matter how hard it is to overcome the pain, confusion or fear... this too shall pass and it will. The outcome is forever unknown. Now is the only sure thing we have. I'm just gonna stop and take a deep, deep breath because the path has not been easy. Maybe yours hasn't either but I'm thankful for words, because they free my soul. I can communicate, I can ventilate, I can just BE still in them. I can share them with you, and you can share them back if you want.

This place I've created is for us to come together. Freedom above fear is what makes this space so special. In the meantime, I'll be the girl you see swimming against it all. I won't settle. I'll keep rising, I'll reaching out to the morning star till the light breaks the dark in a million pieces. I will do this not because I'm right, believe me I'm far from knowing what right and wrong are. My light will shine because it's in my nature, and it's what I've chosen to believe. I will live my purpose to the fullest and so can you. The cure? I found that to love above all is to heal from it all. I dare you to believe you also have a shining and always evolving purpose.

Take heart my dearest and now this: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Self LoveCarol Ruiz